Software That

Our bread and butter is building web services, but we are comfortable working on just about anything in Java and Python ecosystem.

Software That
Is Maintainable!

As your business grows and changes, you will need to adapt and add new features. Our approach and practices naturally meet your needs over time.

Software That
Is Cost Effective!

Our development rates are competitive with organizations that use older software development methods, yet our quality is higher.

web applications

Web Application Development

Backend Development

We specialize in custom web application development using Java, Spring, Python, and Django Web framework. While we love working with Spring and Django, there are times when it is not the right tool for the job. We are well versed in a number of other technologies and can help you pick the right one for the job.

Rich Interface Development

With JavaScript and the latest in browser technologies, we can build web applications that are accessible across many devices and platforms. JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS) HTML5 and CSS3

java python django postgresql appengine mongodb redis html5 css3 jquery

Desktop Application Development

Enjoy the advantage of desktop applications that provide control and reliability. We use the latest technologies and platforms including Java, Swing, Eclipse RCP, Python, PyQt to develop user-friendly and efficient desktop applications with: cross-platform compatibility and full access to local hardware and resources.

desktop applications